Who May Enter

Undergraduate or graduate students enrolled for at least one semester between September 2018 and December 2019. Those who have worked two years or more as full-time professional photographers, videographers or web producers (including paid internships) are not eligible.

Eligible Materials

All entries must have been created or first published between August 23, 2018 and August 22, 2019 and may not have been previously entered in this competition. (There are some exceptions for Category 12 - Documentary, see the categories page).

A single image may not be entered in more than one single image category, but an image may be entered in a single category, one multiple image category and a portfolio category. For example, a single image may be entered in General News, Domestic Picture Story and Portfolio, but not in both the General News and Portrait categories.

A story may only be entered in one multiple picture category, although it may also be entered in the Portfolio category.

Students may enter the same work in Pictures of the Year International.

All entries or components of entries must be publishable. The work is not eligible if you invaded someone's privacy, promised it would not be published or did not obtain informed consent in the case of people of diminished capacity.

Ethics Clarifications

College Photographer of the Year is a journalistic competition. Digital alteration or any similarly deceptive modification of entry materials is strictly prohibited, with the exception of Category 8 - Illustration. Images made with the use of software capture filters may only be entered in Category 7 - Interpretive Eye, Category 8 - Illustration and Category 9 - Interpretive Project.

Digital Alteration:

As a journalistic competition, CPOY does not allow deceptive modification of entry materials. Staging and re-creations are prohibited. You may not deliberately arrange a scene or direct subjects to re-create or rearrange a scene. Exceptions are categories 8 - Illustrations and 6 – Portraits.

CPOY reviews every still photograph and multimedia entry in advance of judging. CPOY may contact photographers whose images seem to conflict with these standards, and provide them with the opportunity to resubmit the photograph before judging begins. Once judging begins, judges may disqualify entries deemed manipulated or over controlled. At any point, CPOY may contact photographers to request original RAW images or unedited JPGs for image verification.

Words of advice: Before submitting your images, compare them to the original files as shot in camera to verify that your toning is within these journalistic guidelines.

These guidelines may not be exhaustive, but CPOY expects you to live within the spirit of the competition, which awards honest and straightforward photojournalism.


Entrants must own the copyright (or the right to copyright) all submitted material. In the case of multimedia categories, the entrant must be the authorized holder of the copyright for all components of the entry, or entrant must have copyright permission or have licensed the work from the holder.

How to Enter

Follow all instructions in the entry preparation section, making special note that:

Entry Deadline

The deadline for entering CPOY 74 is 11:59pm (CDT) Sunday, September 22, 2019

Eligibility Verification

CPOY will confirm your student status with a faculty advisor or instructor.

The advisor or instructor you specify on your entry form will receive details after the September 22nd entry deadline explaining the simple confirmation process. Once they have responded you will receive a second email confirming that your entry is complete. If you have not received this email on or before October 5th please contact us.

For questions about eligibility you may contact the CPOY staff.

Use of Submitted Material

By entering this competition, you declare that you meet the eligibility requirements stated in the rules of the competition and that you are authorized by the holder of the copyright (or the right to copyright) to submit photos to the 74th annual College Photographer of the Year (CPOY) competition. You grant permission to the University of Missouri to use my submitted photographs in an exhibition, on the web site and for promotional, educational and historical record purposes concerning the competition, including but not limited to print and electronic mediums. Winning photos become a part of the permanent CPOY collection.

Contact Info

Antranik Tavitian, Hillary Tan & Yanran HuangCPOY Co-Coordinators
Jackie Bell, CPOY Director
Phone: 573.884.2188

DEADLINE 11:59pm (CDT), Sunday, September 22, 2019