Entry Instructions

Please pay close attention to these instructions and the competition rules.

Image Captions and Information

Captions can be critical during judging - write and enter your image captions carefully. Please do not put your name in the caption

IPTC data may be embedded into images using Photoshop, Photo Mechanic, Aperture, Lightroom and other image editing solutions. You must include the correct capture date and location information. Please verify that capture dates are correct so you remain eligible. Once you have uploaded your files, any preexisting IPTC data will be automatically extracted and displayed for review and modification.

The following IPTC fields are required:

Image File Specifications

Portfolio Submission Entry

For category 14, Portfolio: The Portfolio requires both Single images and at least one Multiple Image entry. To enter the category, you will add singles to your portfolio by using the “Single Image Categories” button, and add stories to the portfolio by using the “Multiple Image Categories” button.

Specific requirements for the portfolio can be found in the Categories tab.

Multimedia Submission Preparation

For category 15: Submit your entry by using the 'Add URL' button in the multimedia category section of the entry application. Double check the URL that you provide. If your site is down we cannot judge your entry. If a URL submission is modified after the entry period closes on September 22, 2019 it will be disqualified.

For categories 16-18: You must upload one of the following file formats: .mov, .m4v, .avi, .mpg, .mpeg, .wmv, .flv, .swf and .zip. The preferred format for video entries is x264 encoded .mov files.

Only single files may be uploaded for multimedia categories 16-18. If you are submitting an entry comprised of multiple files (for example a SoundSlides presentation), please compress all the files together into a single "zip" file.

Creating a ZIP File

If you have problems or questions with these preparation requirements, please contact CPOY.

Advisor Verification

After the September 22nd deadline, CPOY will confirm your eligibility with the advisor or instructor you listed on your registration form. You will then receive a second email on or before October 5th letting you know that your entry is complete. See the Eligibility Verification section of the rules page for an explanation of this process.