Welcome to the CPOY Entry Application


Download a PDF version of the Call For Entries poster.

Before you start your entry, please read through rules and category definitions linked above and below. There are changes to instructions and how you enter, as well as small changes in most categories. Please read closely to determine where to correctly enter your work.

CPOY's mission remains setting standards for and recognizing the best in straight and documentary collegiate photojournalism. Therefore, all but a few CPOY categories strictly prohibit subject manipulation and digital alteration. Please read and pay careful attention to the Ethics Clarifications in the Rules to determine if your work can be entered.

Entry remains free this year thanks to the ongoing generosity of CPOY Sponsor Nikon Inc.

Read the Instructions pages linked above and below to help you in preparing and uploading your files to our servers. You must also create a new account through the login tab even if you have entered in previous years. You can individually upload your entries into the proper categories, add, remove or reorder images and make on-the-fly changes to captions and required "file info" fields.

STEP 1 - Create an account:
Click the Login button to create a new account, or to log back in to add or edit your entries. You must also create a new account through the login tab even if you have entered in previous years.

STEP 2 - Registration Info:
Fill out the online form with your name, school, academic advisor, and personal contact information.

STEP 3 - Build Your Entry:
Select categories via the drop-down menus, then "browse" to select your file(s) and then upload.

STEP 4 - Review Entry:
The system allows you to re-login to submit more images, replace images, rearrange photos within stories or projects, and edit captions.

STEP 5 - Submit
Once your entire entry is ready, proceed to the Submit tab. Your entry will be pre-validated for basic compliance with the rules and any issues displayed. Once any outstanding issues are resolved, you must lock and submit your entry for judging.

STEP 6 - Advisor Verification
After the entry deadline passes, your academic advisor (specified in Step 2) will receive an email from us to verify your eligible student status. You will receive a final verification email from us after your advisor completes this step and your entry is accepted for judging.

Other news: We also want to call your attention to news that National Press Photographers Foundation (NPPF), which provides scholarships for the Gold and Silver winners in the CPOY portfolio category, also offers 8 additional scholarships to students enrolled in a 4-year U.S. college or university. To make applying for one of these scholarships easier, their image file size requirements match CPOY's

Entering CPOY is not an application for one of the additional 8 NPPF scholarships. If interested, you can view their rules and deadlines and apply here.

We would like to thank our sponsors for their continued support of the CPOY competition.